Saturday, 23 October 2010

what i suppose to do now is study yet ,sitting here writing this down hehehe starting from this day on! i will not on9 facebook,or edit pictures,or snap pictures or whatever yang boleh melalaikan saya hahaha ceeh do you believe on me?haha i dont think so sebab saya sendiri tak percaya dengan diri saya malah sekarang berkata i'll not online? hahaha booo liar :D hehe btw exam is on the 23th of november till err hmm i'm not so sure when heh mayb 13 september. I really have got to work my butt's off. I'm sure, math science history won't be nice to me this spm :( tolerance.. under40 for sure. dad would be so angry if he finds out that i haven't been studying, geez that's kinda scary. okayy i have got to start studying by tomorrow, i promise i'll study, real soon. Which i doubt :P Anyways, i've just got back from m
uiz's house petang tadi. kakak dia kahwin, i was invited. then after salam2 dgn mak muiz pehh tunggu lagi makan lee hehe it was fun sebab dapat makan! haha actly mak tak masak tgh hari :p.

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