Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sorry guys for neglecting my blog for so long time.
Looking back,alot of things have been changed,the memories really kills me lots seriously ,it still can make me like super duper emo i dislike to being so emo but it seem like so hard to let me do so o be truth,i'm just try to pretend that i'm so happy,but inside who knows nobody but myself im just act nothing in front of ppl i dun wanna to have a secret crush on somebodyAnd i shouldnt also i'm sorry, yesterday night a sumthing happened on me i couldn't express the feeling in words im crying like a baby girl in the night bt nobody knows i know i'm very useless but i cant control my tears to drop down i din't sleep the whole night,dont ask me what happend on me,i choose to be quiet and just keep in my heart,i dunno me think so much or what urghhh whatever lah i giveup! i m just so tired of it now,Sometimes,i do feel myself are too annoying i'm so called lost Could someone lend me the right way?! Goshhh it crash my mind and i was thinking should i let it go now,no one can understand me as well ishhhh can my mind stop to think the rubbish thing syuhada forget about it things gonna be alrite after,right?!i should think positive okay ermm can i?i wish i can do it AMIN

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